Each Peel Regional Councillor represents two paired city wards at both Brampton City Council and Peel Regional Council. Paul is running to represent the Wards 1 & 5.


Wards 1 & 5 are bounded by:


  • Bovaird Drive to the north
  • Queen Street to the south
  • Mississauga Road to the west
  • Highway 410 to the east




You can view a more detailed map of the Brampton city wards or look up your ward by clicking here.


Each pair of wards will also elect a City Councillor, who sits on only Brampton City Council alongside the local Regional Councillor.


In wards 1 & 5, Paul is encouraging his supporters to vote for Rowena Santos as City Councillor.


You can learn more about Rowena Santos here: rowenasantos.com

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