Dear Neighbours,


Brampton is a great city. It is our home and we choose to live in a place that has everything. But we have serious challenges; We want Brampton to be a safe place, a place where we have jobs, a place well served by transit, and a community that is clean and well maintained. To achieve this, We need to work together.


As a constituent, you deserve representation that will engage and listen to you and your needs. Your local representatives should have a proven track record of serving your community. I want this city to reach its potential which is why I'm running as your representative in Wards 1 & 5.


Let’s make this a place where we can live, work and play. First, let’s get the basics right and make sure you get high quality public services from your city. We need to make sure our parks, roads, and communities are safe for us to enjoy. We need businesses to grow so we can re-balance the tax structure and create more jobs. We need to put shovels in the ground to build transit and get our city moving. We need a vibrant downtown that enables our existing arts and culture community to stay here in Brampton and thrive.


It's my commitment to work with you to get things done at City Hall and to build a brighter future for Brampton together.


On October 22nd VOTE Paul Vicente for Regional Councillor Wards 1 & 5.


Paul Vicente

Peel Regional Council Candidate for Brampton Wards 1 & 5



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